Maurizio studied at the Academy of Cinema in Milan, worked as a DOP for 13 years on various well known feature movies and documentaries and then moved into commercials as a Director in 1994.

His work includes clients such as Mercedes, Subaru, Mitsubishi, General Motors, Nissan, Citro├źn, Saab, Fiat Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Seiko, etc. Being as energetic, enthusiastic and experienced as he is not only does Maurizio work very quickly but there is no such thing as a technical problem to him.

He recently directed a feature movie produced by Sorpasso Film, of Maurizio Tedesco and Marco Risi and is writing the script of a new one based on the novel : Strane cose, domani of Raul Montanari.

Maurizio Longhi currently resides in Italy and works worldwide.